Project Management Joins the PMI Family!

Today is an amazing day for us here at Everything you love about the site is about to get better. As a part of the PMI family, we will have the resources to step up our game and become more responsive to your needs than ever before. Our reach will grow exponentially, so more of your peers will be here to answer questions and to share ideas with. Some of these changes will take time and others you’ll see right away.

For example, on Thursday when our “Free Template” email goes out, you’ll see five more templates than usual in the bunch--eight new ones rather than the usual three, thanks to our friends at PMI. That sort of stepped-up delivery of the content “you need most” will continue as we move forward. By the end of the month, you will see more people to connect to on the site. Definitely make use of the “Build Network” feature on the site to find project managers in your industry--those who share your interests, or maybe just live down the street. We’ll be announcing much more throughout the year. These will be features and tools that I can barely contain my excitement about because they are going to help us help you become even better project managers.

We are going to do all of this without becoming too “PMI compliant”. So the variety of perspectives and approaches you’…

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