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Help Wanted: Digital PM

Carol Ann Willhite

A timely research report identifies the professional skills, experience and education levels that employers are seeking in digital project manager candidates — a rapidly growing role in web-centric organizations ranging from advertising agencies to software developers.

Emerging during a period of rapid and intersecting Web design and digital marketing growth, the role of digital project manager (DPM) is the newest player in the project management field. Companies in fast-paced, Web-centric industries seek professionals in this role to lead initiatives that will help them keep pace with the competition. Software Advice, a project management research and technology review site, recently published a study analyzing 300 project manager job listings to help job seekers understand the professional requirements of this role. As a follow-up to that report, we conducted another study —this time with a focus on DPMs. To learn what employers seek most in DPM applicants, we analyzed 200 job listings from This report outlines our most important findings.

“One of the most interesting findings from our report revealed that holding a PM certification is not a decisive factor for a DPM position — only 20 percent of employers required or preferred candidates with a PM certification, citing PMP, Agile and Scrum,” said Noel Radley, researcher at …

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