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10 Strategic Execution Trends for 2015

Tim Wasserman

Smart, high-performing organizations are structured to react more quickly to external and internal shifts. They view the future as a possibility, change as an opportunity, and their strategy as the tool to get them there. Here are 10 strategic execution trends they will be focusing on in 2015.

Real-time isn’t a trend; it’s a reality. No matter how fast — or slow — a business is able to respond to change, the rate of change and the required speed to respond are constantly accelerating. In 2015, we expect to see more companies follow high-performing organizations by applying a range of forward leaning approaches to strategic execution that better enable real-time adjustments to an ever-changing marketplace. 

1. Real-Time Strategic Execution

Planning in advance for projects will never stop being important; however, building in the flexibility to adjust strategic execution in real-time is taking on greater importance. As the velocity of business continues to increase, the likelihood that ideas and innovations relevant six months ago will become outdated during execution is increasing just as fast. In response companies are growing their reliance on leading indicators, running more projects in parallel to ensure at least some succeed and building in flexibility to their strategies as well as their strategic execution to facilitate smarter adjustments in real-time.


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