6 PPM Questions Before You Start

Matt Sandberg

The difference between a successful Project Portfolio Management implementation and a drawn-out process that fails to make the most of your investment often comes down to a lack of planning and poor change management. Here are six questions to ask before the kickoff to ensure you set the right expectations, with the necessary support and staffing.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions can help organizations significantly improve portfolio planning processes and provide increased visibility into programs, projects and people. Successful PPM implementations often result in better alignment between the project portfolio and organizational goals and better project execution across your organization.

However, as with any new tool or process, maximizing the positive impact of a new PPM solution depends upon a thoughtful preparation and approach — not just within the PMO but also by drawing upon knowledge and support from across your organization.

Here are six questions you should ask as part of your PPM solution implementation planning process to ensure you have the right support, staffing and expectations in place before the implementation kicks off.

1. Does the executive team strongly support this initiative?

Often, before a project portfolio management solution has been implemented, projects are managed in a variety of ways and project status information…

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