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Advanced Work Packaging: Thinking with the End in Mind

Olfa is an independent consultant in project management and Researcher in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) methods for construction projects.

For many years, the construction industry community has focused on field execution planning techniques to unlock field productivity improvements. While many benefits were achieved, those techniques remain limited by the sequencing and the quality of the flow of information produced during the definition and engineering phases.

Traditionally, contractors face a large amount of rework due to poor field planning and poor coordination between engineering and construction. The loss of productivity caused by rework could be prevented by a more proactive alignment effort between engineering planning and construction planning. This can dramatically increase capital effectiveness in construction projects delivery.

More recently, there has been an increased awareness within the construction industry of the importance of thinking with the end in mind by integrating field execution elements and considerations into the definition phase. This typically translates into various initiatives that range from assigning the construction manager to the project during definition before the start of fieldwork to entirely rearranging the sequence of the project work to be driven by field installation, with engineering deliverables flowing into predefined construction packages.

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a work process framework fundamentally based on the idea of thinking with the …

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