Agile Readiness

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In pursuing the organizational agility that enables strategic, fast-moving transformation, leaders must focus on four spheres — individual behavior, team responsibilities, management governance and institutionalization. Along the way, they’ll also need to ask “so what?” questions, break down barriers and embrace discovery.

Agile and lean offer huge potential as methods for reducing risk and costs, delivering early benefits and ensuring IT projects genuinely deliver the business transformation benefits that they promise at the outset. The conundrum for many organizations is that without a change of organizational culture, agile and lean methods are very unlikely to be adopted successfully in traditional organizations.

Thus, the struggle that many (if not most) managers and executives face is not in how agile or lean development works, but in how to make agile and lean methods successful when working beyond software development. Thomas P. Wise, PMP, and Reuben Daniel provide a clear view of the struggles and remedies in their new book Agile Readiness: Four Spheres of Lean And Agile Transformation (Gower; 2015).

Wise chatted with ProjectsAtWork about the concept of “agile readiness” presented in his book — which was shortlisted in the Management and Leadership category of the International Book Awards 2015 — and how organizations can create a …

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