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Going Agile with Bimodal IT

PMI Mumbai Chapter

Priya Patra is a Program Manager in Mumbai, India.

Agile is an attractive model--it fosters iterative development, rapid delivery and quick value to business.  I have been writing and presenting in different forums on agile and how it can help respond to business agility. In almost all of these sessions and forums, I have been asked how we bring about agility in an enterprise system that has existed for years.

Let’s start by looking at the enablers of business agility in today’s era of digital revolution:

  • Agile/flexible architecture
  • DevOps
  • Cloud

The above are directed toward newer systems, ones that we will consciously design or the systems that we have control over. But what happens to the giant architecture that already exists in the enterprise? Can we make systems that were not designed to be updated weekly, daily and sometimes even hourly agile? Or to move toward continuous delivery?

Apart from not being technically compatible, there are challenges with culture as well. In this article, we will check out a very interesting concept introduced by Gartner in late 2014: bimodal IT.

Gartner research states that “45 percent of CIOs state they currently have a fast mode of operation” and predicts that “75% of IT organizations will be bi-modal in some way by 2017.” So we will soon be well along the adoption path.

Bimodal IT: Enterprise Bestriding on Fast Lane …

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