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Understand the Human Factors in Project Management for Success: Q&A

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Muhammad leads organizational transformation, building capacity to enhance organizational competence for advancement in strategic direction, effective governance and control.

Our Understand the Human Factors in Project Management for Success webinar by Muhammad Aslam Mirza, PMP was so popular, we had to continue the question-and-answer session offline! Here, Muhammad offers advice based on your questions…

1. What do you mean by “Meaning Quotient”? Can you please elaborate it more?
Its meaning is for a team player to perform at one's very best. The high-level satisfaction sought for involvement in an initiative when one finds an emotional attachment with purpose, like one's involvement in a health project that adds to facilities may help minimizing the sufferings of community. The mental state required for this peak performance involves high stakes, excitement, a challenge and, crucially, something that the performer feels that matters, that will make a difference and has not been done before--a meaning to what and why they are doing it.

2. Is it not ideal to have all three quotients (EQ, MQ and IQ) in a leader/team members?
The proficiency level in all three helps moving from “good” to “great” leaders, and yes it is idealistic. That is why only a few reach that “great” level. As much one enhances the quotients, the betterment in performance will be there.

3. Shouldn’t reward also serve as a motivator?
Yes, monetary rewards also serves as a motivator, but it is short …

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