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Practical Project Best Practices for Successful BRM

Arpad is an international value management coach in Barcelona, Spain.

We all agree that having a realistic business case, good ownership or a solid benefits tracking process in place is essential for successful benefits realization management. However, most of these happen either before the project is approved or after the project is completed--and many project team members simply do not get the chance to influence these phases.

So are there any pragmatic best practices that can be considered during the actual project execution timeframe by any project manager or practitioner? Let me try to offer some ideas based on my experience with IT projects and ERP-enabled transformations.

Step Zero: Get a Value Lead
Surprisingly often, project teams find it sufficient to have just a project sponsor and benefit owners assigned--but forget to nominate a core project team member with a specific day-to-day leadership accountability to keep the project on track to deliver not just a solution, but also the business value.

Well the bad news is that the sponsor and the future benefit owners are usually busy running the business day to day--and not running the project. So they can join in a stage gate or steering committee meeting, but are unlikely to be able to spend excessive time with the team. Have a senior business leader who has the capacity to influence all project discussions fill the value lead role. You get the project team to execute with the …

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