Making the World A Better Place Through PM Philanthropy

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Projects create unique results in the world. The opportunity to make a change in the world is one of the most attractive aspects of project management. As we head into the holiday season, let’s look at ways that project managers support those in the greatest need. The rigor and discipline of project management has a vital role to play in philanthropy.

We have all heard about mismanaged or ineffective charitable organizations (e.g., 4 Cancer Charities Are Accused of Fraud in the United States and demand for greater regulation of UK charities). Fortunately, project management skills have the power to reduce waste and improve the effectiveness of philanthropic programs. The rigor, controls and risk management skills project managers bring to the table are invaluable in charitable and non-profit contexts.

Spreading the Message: Volunteer Project Management Instructors
Non-profit and charitable organizations are bringing project managers on board to improve their effectiveness. Consider Dave Maynard’s experience teaching project management courses to the Parkview Health, a hospital in Indiana. Dave’s professional background in project management includes a long history of involvement with the Project Management Institute and working on the Shuttle program at NASA.

“We had a special class for nursing …

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