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Mentoring is an excellent way to share knowledge among your professional colleagues, and the benefits are numerous as well as mutual. Through this valued relationship, mentees can learn and grow through encouragement and support from their mentors. But did you know that in addition to the intrinsic reward of “giving back,” mentors often gain valuable insights from their relationship with mentees as well?

However, selecting a mentor can be challenging. And of course, not all advice is sound advice--particularly in the sense of being applicable to your unique career goals. It can be challenging to know what advice to follow and what advice to reconsider.

You can learn from all advice, as long as you consider it carefully and apply it appropriately. Thus the focus of this article is on the aspect of advice rather than on how to choose a mentor. In the spirit of this month’s theme of “giving back to the profession,” I will share with you some of the advice that I have received over the years, along with my perspective.

PMP certification
Throughout my career, I’ve gotten so much mixed advice on certification--and I bet you have, too. Get certified…don’t get certified. Everyone has an opinion and different perspective, and--for some reason--many tend to feel very passionately in their view, whatever it is.

Since I’ve…

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