Micromanagement: A Trip to Failure

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Rami is a professional with a civil engineering background and over 10 years of professional working experience in project management.

Generally speaking, micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Most of the time, it has a negative effect. People often get confused about what micromanagement really is and how they can conclude whether they (or others) are guilty of it. 

No one likes to be micromanaged, as it would make them feel irritated, demotivated and discouraged. Let’s take a look at some symptoms and solutions…

Micromanagement Symptoms
Some of the major symptoms of micromanagement are: 

  • Resist delegating work
  • Getting involved doing the work assigned to others 
  • Looking at the detail instead of the big picture
  • Discouraging others from making decisions, even if it’s within their level of authority
  • Monitoring what’s least important and expecting regular reports on all details
  • Ignoring the experience and knowledge of other team members
  • Requesting to be copied on all correspondence

Being detail oriented and making sure the work is being executed properly is very essential, but only up to a certain level. Micromanagers unfortunately apply the same level of intensity to all tasks. 

The Micromanagement Effect
Micromanagement definitely has negative effects not only on people, but …

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