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Precast Concrete: Bulk Production Optimization

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Rami is a certified Project Management Professional, and holds other prestigious and reputable certifications in project management. He has a bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering and over 15 years of professional working experience in project management, construction management and real estate development. Over the course of his career, he has been deployed on high-profile projects across Asia, including the Gulf Region, Middle East, Shanghai/China and Canada.

In my previous article Pre-Cast Concrete Yards: Safety and Health Management, I tackled the management of safety and health related to precast yards. In this article, we will concentrate on the execution phase (i.e. production of the pre-cast elements) on large projects.

For small projects, precast production could be considered as a reoccurring process and the same yard or production lines could serve more than one project. For large projects, mainly oil and gas projects, it is somehow different as usually the option of pre-casting parts of the structure or project is taken into consideration during the planning process (if not already imposed as a constraint by the client during initiation).

That being the case, each project has its own unique precast yards and production lines and the elements are usually decent in size. I will not go into the planning process of the precast yards, nor the evaluation process of whether to go for the pre-casting option or not; but this will be the main subject of my next article.

Regardless of what type of elements are being pre-casted, there are normally nine major steps that take place from start to finish during the production of the precast elements (also refer to the execution flowchart below):

  1. Material and Preparation Activities: Rebar fabrication (cut and bend), formwork fabrication and beds preparation (installation of …

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