The ABCs of Change: A Path for Change Management

Debasis is a project management consultant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Change is constant--we all know that. There are minor and major changes--change that rolls in slowly without causing any ruffles, and changes that are disruptive with every step being a battle. Due to its nature, change is different to manage for every initiative. The approach to bringing about change differs from organization to organization and is, primarily, dependent on the culture of the organization.

For those advocating change--and tasked with bringing it about and making it happen—it’s important to consider a few things. At the core of it all is culture; the principles for effective and efficient change management should take that into account. When approaching change, a suggested order for approach--the ABCs--could be:

  • Appetite
  • Bite
  • Chew/Consume

Change management needs to adapt a strategic approach and get the decisions makers involved from initiation. That gives the change initiative the requisite merit and sponsorship. While change can be (and many times is) initiated at the top, this article (and the rest in this series) consider change being initiated and brought about by a change champion--someone passionate about bringing about change, not necessary from top management--from inception through to completion.

The Impact Zone
Change impacts different areas within an organization, and is …

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