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Digital project managers in creative and technology agencies face challenges to stay on the cutting edge and address client concerns. Design and user experience tend to be paramount concerns for many in the field. The digital project manager role is also highly variable, requiring flexibility to deliver strategy and use digital technology skills.

Defining Digital Project Management
The phrase “digital project management” is defined in different ways depending on who you ask. Those outside of the project world might say that digital projects are any projects that involve computers or digital technology. Project managers in creative agencies tend to have a more specific definition.

Ashley Johnson, digital project manager at Access, a UK agency, defines the field in terms of skills:

“Digital project management requires a diverse range of skills from digital strategy to web production management, and account management to quality control.” Other recommended technical skills include search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics. This definition highlights the digital project management niche focused on advertising and marketing.

Ben Aston, a digital project manager and VP of Client Services at FCV, offers a different broader definition of the digital project manager job description:

“Defining the role of a digital project manager is not…

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