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Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Business leaders lack confidence in their ability to navigate digital transformation, according to a new global survey. Barriers to building an Agile organization include disconnect between project managers and executives, lack of transparency, poor communication, and overreliance on spreadsheets.

Radical disruption is the new business-as-usual. One day you're hailing a taxi; the next day Uber or Lyft pulls up to your front door. And while enterprises value and aspire to the innovator's mindset, they're not confident in their business' ability to pivot in the face of disruption.

A new study — "Business Agility: Is it Easy to Pivot?" — describes the disconnect between aspiration and reality and identifies potential pitfalls to navigating a shifting business landscape. For the survey, Changepoint explored the agility of global businesses and asked respondents to evaluate the challenges and barriers PMOs face in building nimbler organizations.

Organizational agility is critical for any enterprise, yet businesses around the globe and across industries do not have systems in place to adapt. While C-level executives are concerned with disruptive new entrants, only 10 percent of survey respondents are confident they can pivot their business if needed. This ongoing struggle is made more challenging by a disconnect between project managers …

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