When Earned Value Meets Agile

Madhu is a project manager with several years experience, involved in several projects handled through a complete lifecycle.

As noted in the General Services Administration’s “Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Compliance Review Guide”:

“In June 1998, the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) published Standard ANSI/EIA 748-A, ‘Earned Value Management Systems’ in cooperation with the National Defense Industry Association and other organizations. The EVM standard incorporates best business practices for program management systems that have been proven to provide strong benefits for program and enterprise planning and control.  Additionally, industry standards dictate compliance with the ANSI standard as part of project management best practices.

Standard ANSI/EIA 748-A uses a criteria concept to establish a structure within which an adequate integrated cost/schedule/performance management system will fit. The 32 criteria are grouped into five high-level categories addressing basic management concepts: Organization, Planning and Budgeting, Accounting, Managerial Analysis and Reporting, and Baseline Management.” 

The recommendations below are organized according to the five ANSI/EIA-748 guidelines. This purpose of this document is to guide the project manager in implementing ANSI/EIA-748 guidelines in a manner consistent with the agile software development methodology.

EVMS ANSI/EIA-748 Guidelines Overview

Figure 1: EVMS ANSI/EIA-…

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