PMI Fellow Profile: Frank Saladis

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Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the PMI Professional Awards evening in Orlando, Florida. It was an inspiring experience to see so many excellent projects and project managers receive recognition for their hard work.

At the event, I was also introduced to PMI Fellows for the first time. Reflecting on that experience, I was drawn to tell the career journey of Frank P. Saladis. Starting in AT&T, his career has transitioned to consulting, writing books and raising the profession’s profile.

Named a PMI fellow in 2013, Saladis has made many contributions to the project management profession over his career. Before he became an accomplished author, consultant and advocate, he developed his career through a variety of roles in nearly 30 years at AT&T.

“I worked on many projects and installations. In the 1990s, I led projects to upgrade telecom systems from analog to digital and led many projects for large clients,” he said. “The ’90s were a great time: The IT and telecom sectors were booming due to the growth of the internet, fax, pagers and other communication technologies.”

The lesson from his corporate career is to look for areas of major economic change because they will generate interesting opportunities. For example, is your company moving into Big Data analytics? Inform yourself on this trend (read Adding Value …

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