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Reality Bytes: Working Effectively with Virtual Teams Q&A

Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

The webinar Reality Bytes: Working Effectively with Virtual Teams was packed with information, and below are the questions and answers that came out of that session.

1. What is the strategy for track to virtual teams?
This will depend on your type of project and tracking as a project manager. If the team is relatively small, I have found having a personal catch-up with the resources to be really useful to see their progress. If you’re looking at deliverables, you can also check completion rates/delivery of items and checking their percentage completion. If you have virtual teams that submit their progress daily, then this could be the easiest way but you do need to trust them.

2. How secure are these tools (whatsApp, Skype, Yammer, Lync, etc.)?
Skype/Yammer/Lync will depend upon your own company’s security policies, so I’d check with them. Normally, they are safe.

3. How do you ensure team stability in a matrix organization where operational activities are of high priority?
I would try to ensure the buy-in from senior management to “protect” the resources as much as possible. This could mean working with the resource managers to ensure that you have a good relationship with them to maintain your resource pool and assignments.

4. How do you deal …

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