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Maintaining Momentum with Change

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Karen's career has taken her through various roles within the extractives industry, with a heavy focus on managing and executing projects involving the characterization and mitigation of environmental risks and opportunities. She offers strategic direction, consulting, training and implementation services in the realms of embedding sustainability goals and environmental assessment requirements into business operations, strategic plans, decision making processes, and project plans and execution.

Organizational change is a tough battle, and it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get it up and running, to maintain enough momentum to see it through until the benefits are realized. Anyone who has tried to lead a change initiative will know this.

There are many phases that need to be developed and managed, as I discussed in my last webinar on the topic. In fact, it’s not unlike starting up a new business, when you think of the overall framework:

  1. Setting a vision
  2. Clarifying your starting point—the status quo
  3. Promoting and marketing the “why” and “what” of it all
  4. Engaging your stakeholders to get them excited, to extract their thoughts and ideas, to determine their struggles that you’ll want/need to address
  5. Planning through all these phases for exactly how you might get there
  6. Executing the many, many tasks that go along with that (and staying on track!)
  7. Measuring progress and communicating with stakeholders how the whole team is doing
  8. And finally celebrating the realization of the full potential of the initiative as it was meant to deliver!

Unfortunately, a lot of people give up—or they lose steam because they have lost sight of the vision because it turns into management of the day-to-day tasks, the mundane trudging through the day until one can go home.

Over the years, I have found …

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"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most times he will pick himself up and carry on."

- Winston Churchill