Dude, Where’s My Control?! Transitioning from a Project Manager to a Scrum Master Q&A

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Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

The webinar Dude, Where’s My Control?! Transitioning from a Project Manager to a Scrum Master was packed with information, and here the presenter covers some questions and answers that came out of that session.

1. In Scrum methodology, will the team not commit to deliver the deliverables?
The team will commit to the deliverables in the sprint, but not further. There may be high-level commitments to the epic or feature, but the team will only commit as far as the next sprint.

2. Is lack of control not related to a self-organizing team? Therefore, team training on agile principles is recommended?
The lack of control can be down to many aspects, but training your team on agile principles is a great way to ensure that everyone is aligned and focused toward the same goal. How is Scrum different from agile? Agile describes the guiding principles for building software through iterative development, and Scrum is an implementation of this.

3. How many different specific practices of agile area there?
There are quite a few different agile practices in place. They focus on areas such as requirements, design, coding, testing, risk management, process. Some of the most well-known are: domain-driven development (DDD), planning poker, user story and timeboxing.

4. Is Scrum applicable to IT projects/products only, or is it applicable in all areas—even where services…

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