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8 PM Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

Atif is a community manager in Karachi, Pakistan and a productivity enthusiast. He has his MS in Computer Science and Information Technology from NEDUET.

Project management evolved from a few basic principles into an industry, one that is evolving at a rapid pace. Our industry went through a paradigm shift a few years ago, and now is the time to capitalize on its gains. For project managers, it’s crucial to know what 2017 has in store.

In this article, you will learn about the top project management trends that will create a splash. Let’s look into the crystal ball and predict what 2017 will be like...

1. A new king: According to a user research report by Capterra, 67% of project managers use Microsoft Project. With cutthroat competition in the market, MS Project’s shrinking market share and lower satisfaction rates means we could soon be crowning a new king of project management software. With so many alternatives (desktop and web-based) out there, businesses are thinking about making a switch. Pressure is mounting on project teams to think beyond the Windows ecosystem. All of this will contribute toward the emergence of a new market leader when it comes to project management software.

2. Agile will take off: One common question that is on every project manager’s mind is. “Which project management approach is best?” While the answer depends on the nature of the project and its requirements, one project management approach that has surpassed all others in terms of popularity lately is…

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