The Importance of Tracking in Planning

Khaled is an experienced Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. He is skilled in rollout, transmission, troubleshooting, integration and switches. He is an engineering professional and graduated from Jordan University of Science & Technology.

Where did I spend my money this past week to find myself reaching a fiscal deficit? How did I miss studying that chapter, forcing me to guess during its relevant question on the exam? What mistake did I make for failing to repair my house?

All of the above questions (and many others) summarize the need and urgency of planning, which can be considered one of the most important aspects for successful achievements in our entire life. Hence, to enhance our dedicated plan (and to make sure things stay on track), it’s important to have a tracking sheet to arrange, maintain and follow up on any project milestone to guarantee success.

Through better planning with a tracking sheet, we can arrange our exam studies, fix our home and follow up on our finances—keeping in mind all of the factors, sub-milestones or items that can be included in the tracking sheet.

Using a specific, clear plan supported by a simple, comprehensive tracking sheet, we can mitigate different types of risks and incidents, thus avoiding questions like those above.

A simple, organized tracking sheet provides a comprehensive vision. Let’s look over the method needed to initiate a full, detailed and comprehensive tracking sheet. For a good start, the major requirements can be extracted and figured out while initiating the work packages. The work breakdown structure (WBS) helps to prevent …

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