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Common Ground Through PPM

Lawrence is Co-CEO, Quantitative Software Management, Inc. in McLean, Virginia.

The most effective project portfolio planning brings IT managers and business leaders together to prioritize, scope and staff initiatives as a single team with common goals. In doing so, the process fosters better working relationships — and provides a roadmap for delivering value to the organization.

What do an IT project manager and a top-ranked business executive have in common? Aside from the occasional fondness for caffeine (all those late work nights!), perhaps more than one might originally suspect. For while both IT and senior management have usually operated in their own separate spheres, both groups are tasked with establishing goals that will help move their businesses forward.

Traditionally, these two groups go about achieving these goals in different yet somewhat similar ways. Executives engage in strategic portfolio planning, the business process by which organizations determine the set of new product development initiatives they will fund (and which ones they will not) to help achieve their overall business objectives. Meanwhile, IT project managers embark on IT portfolio management, which focuses on the investments, projects, and activities of IT departments.

Common ground through collaboration

Wouldn’t it make more sense — and be more efficient — to combine those two practices? After all, both sides are committed to seeing their …

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