PMO Setup for the First Time PMO Leader (Part 2)

Hussain is the Chief PMO Coach and Adviser at Parwaaz Consulting, which provides coaching, support and resources to facilitate the success of Project Management Office (PMO) leaders at high-growth small- and mid-sized organizations. He has led and facilitated the PMO setup at several companies and advised numerous PMO leaders through their PMO establishment. He has authored several PMO-focused publications, speaks at PMI events and holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from The College of Wooster in Ohio.

To quickly recap, in Part 1 we talked about:

  • The conventional and non-conventional ways that it takes for someone to get the top job at the PMO
  • Irrespective of the path one takes to the PMO leader role, the skills required to lead their respective PMO are extremely specific to the nature of the company and the needs of the PMO
  • While the PMO lead may not have prior project management experience, having sufficient knowledge in this area along with impeccable people skills are a must to succeed in this role
  • It is not uncommon in rapidly growing small- to mid-sized firms to have the need for a PMO and someone from within (with no or limited project management experience) to take the helm because of their deep understanding of the organization, its culture, and key relationships
  • Even if a lead is setting up a PMO for the first time, he or she will instantaneously be considered an expert in this area with everyone at the organization, so they have to show the awareness, attitude and urgency to get things going—and make their mark

In this second part, we will go over:

  1. A step-by-step breakdown of setting up a PMO in 100 days
  2. Boosting your chances of PMO success

A step-by-step breakdown of setting up a PMO in 100 days
The first 100 days for any leader entering office marks a major milestone. He/she is judged on the performance during that period, …

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