Project Management

Taking A Risk Plunge

Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Managing risk is not exclusively about minimizing it. Risk is also about maximizing rewards. Here, a lead project manager shares some thoughts on “playing it safe” to stay on track and avoid issues versus “taking a plunge” to pursue an unexpected opportunity.

Managing risk is a crucial part of being a successful project manager. Play it too safe and you can miss critical business opportunities. Approach it fast and loose and chaos is not far behind. But when it comes down to the day-to-day, how can you know you are in the right place when it comes to understanding — and exploiting — risk?

To get a real-time view from the field, we took some time to chat with Dan Kushner, a lead project manager at MBX Systems, a Libertyville, IL-based provider of engineering, hardware and fulfillment programs, as well as services for independent software vendors and other service providers. His primary focus: on-boarding new customers for new product development and managing internal projects. Kushner is also an adjunct instructor of Project Management at Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies, and part of the Experiential Learning Team that facilitates real-world project management opportunities for students.

ProjectsAtWork: We know that risk can actually be a good thing, such as when it pushes you to create a new process or product. What’s a good …

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