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Aaron is the former editor of

Sixteen years ago, way back in 2001, the first independent print magazine covering the project management field was launched. We named it Projects@Work. Google was less than three years old, and Facebook was three years away. There were no smart phones. It was a very different world.

In the coming years we became, publishing weekly content that explained and explored leading-edge approaches in the project management world. We encouraged fresh perspectives while building bridges to techniques that had stood the test of time. As our audience grew, we stayed true to our mission to engage and collaborate with you, and we evolved together.

This month ProjectsAtWork takes the next step in its journey.

We are joining forces with, the world’s largest online community of project management practitioners. It is a collaboration that makes sense as both sites are part of the PMI family. Now we will work closely together, combining resources, expertise and energies to deliver content that helps you get things done in the real world.

I will be contributing regularly on the site through a new Projects@Work blog and the Agileist newsletter, and I will continue to oversee the Driving Strategy newsletter that we launched two years ago. It will look a bit different but it will remain focused on the challenges of managing strategic and …

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