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FAQ: ProjectsAtWork Joins

Q: Why is ProjectsAtWork being sunset?

A: Projects@Work launched as an independent project management print magazine in 2001. In 2004, that magazine became, publishing weekly content that explained and explored leading-edge approaches in the project management world. In recent years, ProjectsAtWork has focused on producing groundbreaking content focused on Agile and Strategy. Now, we decided, is the time to take the next step and bring the best of ProjectsAtWork to the substantially larger audience. Now we’ll have one destination for all of our content and all of users.

Q: What happens to the content on ProjectsAtWork?

A: A vast majority of the ProjectsAtWork content will now be available on! Editor Aaron Smith has cleared out some older or no longer relevant material, but the articles, downloads and blogs you’ve enjoyed on ProjectsAtWork will live on in their new home on

Q: When will/did this take place?

A: While we’ve been working on this for some time, access to will come to an end on Sunday, May 21. If you have links or bookmarked content on, most will redirect automatically to the same content in its new home on

Q: Will this affect my membership access on

A: No.

Q: …

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