Strategic Thinking

PMI Buenos Aires, Argentina Chapter

Emilio Buzzi Acosta Aguirre, PMP is a senior professional experienced in development in the IT field.

Many project practitioners are eager to dive into planning. I'd like to share some questions they should consider and fully understand during the initiation and planning phases: How important do you think it is that project managers understand the business case for the project? Or the organization's overall strategic goals? If those elements are unclear, how can they get more information on these topics?

Project managers need to understand the project business case in depth. This understanding is essential in anticipating problems and mitigating risks throughout the project lifecycle. The PM must understand at an early stage how project objectives align to the organizational strategy—which is, in part, a plan of objectives, policies and actions to set the overall direction of the organization. The organizational strategy is usually expressed in terms of mission and vision.

If this information is not clear, you must request support from the PMO or portfolio manager, who commonly have the task of managing the portfolio. Portfolio management is a bridge between organizational strategy and program/project management. As such, all governance levels are linked to ensure that each organizational action is ultimately aligned with the defined organizational strategy.

Requirements management is an area in which understanding the organization's larger strategic …

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