Project Management

Creating a Communications Plan: People, Process & Technology

, and Bogdan Neughebauer

The definition of “white noise” is a noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. In the current U.S. healthcare climate, this definition is applicable now more than ever.

As the market shifts toward value-based purchasing, providers are constantly being communicated to about new initiatives and government mandates. From adopting evidence-based practices to curb sepsis mortality rates to new documentation requirements in support of ICD-10 and everything in between, the modern provider has to manage a lot of competing priorities. They are required to see more patients, provide more documentation, become expert users of new technology and readjust care to fit new models of “value.” all while maintaining the same level of trust and relationships with each of their patients.

For healthcare administrators, communicating all of these changes is a monstrous task. Often, they are even competing with others internally to get providers to focus on their one of many organizational initiatives.

According to The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, in 2015 the typical corporate email user sent and received about 125 email messages per day. This does not include daily memos, company newsletters and intranet banners, links and articles. With this volume of messages being received, it is important for your message not to get lost in …

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