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Scope Approvals Don't Have to Be Scary

Reshmi has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry with predominant experience in project management.

The enterprise release calendar for an IT company gives a complete view of the release timelines for each IT unit supporting a particular business unit. The release timelines are planned and approved months in advance. Meeting enterprise release milestones is crucial for any project planned to go during a release window. As an IT project manager, you may run into scenarios where these release milestones—such as scope lock, code lock, testing signoffs, etc.—are missed.

Let’s take the scenario of missing the scope lock milestone. The scope for a project gets approved when the business and the IT stakeholders agree on a set of requirements to be delivered in a span of time. However, many times additional requirements based on business criticality are to be included as part of the planned enterprise release. Enterprise releases are highly complex, with many projects launching during the same window; hence, it's important that any new scope doesn't jeopardize the overall release. The enterprise release board (ERB) is the group that reviews these additional exception requests and assesses the impact for the release.

In order to get the additional scope included, you as the PM need to go through an exception process for formal approval (i.e., getting an approval for deviating from the milestone). It’s important to prepare yourself to present your …

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