Building (and Evolving) Your PMO

Devin is a Technical Project Manager in Baltimore.

Several months ago, I started a new job in project management. In deciding which opportunity to pursue from two options, I decided on the organization without an established PMO. I took on the opportunity to come in as the first project manager, and to build the PMO for the organization from the ground up.

I see many project managers start their work in a company with an established PMO or working alongside other project managers. However, I had a different experience and challenge ahead of me. As the sole project manager—and with limited existing project structure, methodologies and processes to lean on—I was tasked to build a PMO that met the needs of the company while allowing it to grow and evolve with the company’s business direction and needs.

There is so much literature out there shedding light on how to build the ideal PMO for your organization. However, that literature is based on theory and ideas that worked for other companies, but may not work for all. Each company is different and complex in its own way. Each organizational detail, including…

  • existing processes
  • company culture and structure
  • type of clients and business
  • business goals

…needs to be taken into consideration in order to build a PMO that meets the company where it is now—and also allows the processes and project management structure to grow …

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