Celebrate More with Virtual Teams

Joe Wynne is a versatile Project Manager experienced in delivering medium-scope projects in large organizations that improve workforce performance and business processes. He has a proven track record of delivering effective, technology-savvy solutions in a variety of industries and a unique combination of strengths in both process management and workforce management.

You have no doubt experienced the busy world of project management—where you are always trying to drive to difficult deadlines through issues with harried shared resources. Often, you have virtual teams to work with—whole groups located far from you, perhaps in different time zones that do not overlap much with your work day. This environment does not lend itself to celebration. There is not enough time, and the celebrants are not easy to connect with. 

Pair that with the fact that virtual teams can be made up of contract/temporary workers, and it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of celebrating with these workers. Yet there are benefits to making the effort. With celebrations, not only do you support a positive work environment, you also help provide feedback and motivate.  

How to Celebrate
You may need to expand your concept of celebration for virtual teams. Not all celebrations have to be like a holiday party. Ideas for celebrating should be easily implemented so that you won’t have obstacles to do so. Here are some ideas for celebrating. Use them and be inspired to think of other ways that will work in your environment:

  • A conference call that is nothing but accolades for the team, acknowledgement of how hard everyone has been working and positive reinforcement. You can have a slide or two listing everything that went …

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