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How IoT Will Change Project Management

Bharat is a best-selling author and change management advisor,

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”
Henry IV, Part 2 (Shakespeare)

This quote is fitting in relation to the multifarious obligations of a project manager endlessly walking the tightrope from one project to the other. From project evaluation to budget challenges, from team selection to human resource management, from equipment procurement to logistics, and from vendor management to strict adherence to project schedule completion at various stages, there isn’t any component you can afford to overlook.

Who doesn’t want a reliable, competent and always-alert assistant to help streamline the project? Well, the proverbial “cat” is out of the bag, and the noise it’s making continues to attract attention. It’s the Internet of Things, and it’s about time project managers realized its significance. IoT is here to help us better define, conceive and deliver entrusted projects (and with minimal headaches!).

An increasing number of stakeholders are coming forward to learn, adapt and exploit the power of this technology—finding advanced ways to overcome obstacles with obligations in a timely, efficient and cost-saving fashion. Let’s look at some of the most important benefits that IoT offers to project management professionals the world over:

1. The possibility to engage various technological …

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