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15 Tips to Stay Organized

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Mona is a project manager in Houston.

As a project manager, how do you stay organized and ensure success while running multiple projects at the same time? Some of the most important skills for a PM to have are the abilities to organize, communicate and successfully manage their projects, requirements, schedules and tasks. I have pulled together several ways that I stay organized when running multiple projects at a time:

1. Always have pen and paper ready. This is pretty basic, but I’m going to reinforce it. There are numerous thoughts, emails and conversations happening in an hour. If I don’t capture ideas, requests and notable actions, I will fall behind and forget them. It sounds simple, but never go to a meeting empty handed. You not only look prepared, you are prepared.

2. First, develop a problem statement. Before you start a project or initiative, answer the question: What problem am I trying to solve? If your planning doesn’t align with solving that problem, add those thoughts to a “parking lot” list to address at a later time and stick to the original problem statement.

3. Create a project charter. You need to do this no matter how large or small your project is, and no matter how formal or informal your company/team is. Share it with the project team/stakeholders so that you gain buy-in and ensure that everyone is focused on the same goals, scope and timeline before …

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