The Unanchored Project Manager Vol. 1: Initiating Life as an Unanchored PM

Michael is a technical project/program management manager.

“I am slowly dying every day I am here.”

It was April 2017, and that was the thought that kept going through my head. I lived in Seattle and it was one of the grayest winters in the Jet City’s history, only 30 hours of sunlight from October to May. I was working as a project manager remotely (one who consumes a lot of vitamin D to get through the winters in Seattle).

It wasn’t just the weather—I had begun losing motivation at work and most other aspects of life. I decided it was time to make a drastic change in my life, more than just a slight adjustment here or there. I wanted to take all the pieces of the game on the table and forcefully swipe them all on the floor, and then flip the entire table over.

Through my life, I have had two passions: motorcycles and traveling. I decided to build a high-level plan to combine the two while maintaining a successful career. This change would provide me with a constant stream of new experiences by riding the greatest roads, exploring the national parks and forests of America and surely launch myself out of the depressive unhealthy lifestyle I was currently enduring.

Now—after a year of living this lifestyle successfully—I wanted to share my experiences with you. My name is Michael Huber, and I am about to introduce you to a new perspective of working remotely as a project manager. …

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"I'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens."

- Woody Allen