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Predictions like “Artificial intelligence (AI) is monitoring us” and “AI will take our jobs” are scary. However, long before our jobs as project managers are taken, AI will help us. In fact, it already is, and we don’t think about it much. While writing this article, AI in Microsoft Word and the add-in Grammarly helped protect you from the bulk of my spelling and grammar mistakes. This is how AI will help us first, by doing small things we are error prone with, before tackling larger tasks.

Like me, do you spend time booking meetings, finding rooms and distributing information? Do you analyze backlogs and scope outlines for potential risks, or review estimates for commonly missed activities? Artificial intelligence can help with these tasks and many more.

Imagine having a non-judgemental expert monitoring everything you do (and don’t do) at work and making helpful suggestions to you in private. This expert is constantly learning, is plugged into all the latest research and works for free. This is the not-too-distant future of AI-assisted project management.

June is technology month here at Project, and there have been a few articles about AI taking away project management jobs. This article focuses on ways AI can help project managers, which will happen as AI develops and before it can replace jobs. It deals with …

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