Project Management Tattoos That Don’t Wash Off (Part 1)

Roger Kent specializes in helping teams improve Project Management processes and communications. He has taught over 200 two- and three-day seminars to corporate, military and government clients throughout the world. Roger is a principle of the MARPOL Training Institute, authoring three computer-based training programs currently used on over 1,000 ships at sea. He has also developed Movies Teach Project Management, entertaining and informative programs for PMPs to earn continuing education units. He holds a B.A. (magna cum laude) in English from Cornell University and an M.A. in Communication Theory from Norwich University.

Isn’t this what we want: Project management processes all team members will be reminded of every time they step into the gym and in front of a mirror to pump iron? Your team members do pump iron, don’t they? They better do something to manage the stress we put them under. Let’s give a genuine shout out to our colleagues who pump iron. They’re trying to make themselves better…doesn’t that indicate a positive attitude?

I don’t have a tattoo. My generation always associated them with sailors who got drunk and drifted into some dank back room where some greasy, twitching derelict gave them a choice of five designs, all some variations of an anchor or a heart with a sweetheart’s name on it. Warning: I swim in the “U.S. Information World” culture. What I share here may not be appropriate to your corner of the world. Read on at your peril…

I am told by the few millennials of my acquaintance that getting a tattoo is an act of meaning. You get “inked” to help you remember something: an idea, a person, an inspiration. The modern-day tattoo is not just the caprice of impulse. They require planning and foresight, maybe even self-reflection. (Sounds like a project, or at least what should go into initiating a project.)

So, if I am a sincere young project management acolyte, aspiring someday to get a PMP…

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- Voltaire