Project Management

The Agile Leadership Paradox

Dr. Simon Hayward

In an unpredictable and fast-moving world, agility has become a valued leadership attribute. Organizations recognize the tremendous benefits of constantly adapting and evolving to innovate and meet the changing needs of customers. But the journey to agility can be quite difficult at times. Many people find it challenging, as it often requires you to change your behavior and the ways you work. However, it’s a journey well worth taking. It can transform the way you work, the way your organization operates, and how well you serve your customers.

What does an agile leader do?

Agile leaders are skilled at connecting people to perform better.They are also adept at disrupting the way people think. Being an agile leader means being an enabler and a disruptor at the same time. This is the agile leadership paradox. As you travel on your journey towards agility, you need to navigate the key areas of both enabling and disrupting. If you can follow the following points, you’ll be well on your way.

The path of the enabler

  1. Provide clarity of direction: Talk to people about your organization’s purpose, so that priorities are aligned and there is a shared resolve.  
  2. Build trust and demonstrate empathy: Engage others by communicating in an authentic way.  
  3. Empower others: Devolve decision-making responsibility, coach others and develop their …

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