The Unanchored Project Manager Vol. 3: Executing Life as an Unanchored PM

Michael is a technical project/program management manager.

In my previous column, I explained some planning tactics that I have used (and continue to use) to overcome obstacles to make yourself as unanchored as you wish. The greatest measure of your success is that your objectives and journey are transparent to those you work with, if you choose. If you are not succeeding in that aspect, then you could be making mistakes and need to review your planning tactics—or adjust your objectives so they mesh with your career successfully.

The point of this lifestyle is to focus on inward growth, goals and self-improvement while performing at an exceptional level within your organization. Accepting that you will experience obstacles throughout this journey is critical, but even more importantly, how will you deal with overcoming these obstacles successfully? There isn’t much of a blueprint for this lifestyle, which will open up the door to creative solutions that, with the proper mindset, you can have fun with.

Now it’s time to get into the entertaining part of this series, executing life as an unanchored project manager!

Executing the dream…sorta
The execution piece will be unique for each person and for what they want to accomplish. This should allow for flexibility and adjustments to your accomplishments over time. I am going to highlight my personal objectives to provide you with ideas on what can be done. …

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