Topic Teasers Vol. 109: Easiest Agile Additions to Waterfall Teams

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I’m almost too busy to even ask this question, but the newest A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) is wanting me to add agile to my projects. It’s not that I don’t want better outcomes, it’s just that I can’t totally retool everything my team does. Even if I wanted to do it, the time it would take for upper management to agree would be a deal breaker. Is there anything fast and easy I could do on my own?

A. Too much emphasis has been placed on which processes are the best. The truth is that it is the people on the project who account for its success or failure. Educate your team about the various types of agile and waterfall options, not just scrum and the traditional method. They will know best which approach will be the most successful in your organization.

B. For projects that must be completed quickly, there is a new methodology called “tactile.” It is a combination of the terms “traditional” and “agile,” and refers to a process where whether developing tangible items or producing code-based deliverables, everyone involved must sit in a line. The actual product moves from person to person in an assembly-line fashion, and each adds his or…

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