Project Management

How to Do Better, Cheaper, Sooner

Don Wynes is an experienced project manager and professional services leader recognized for his ability to help new customer onboarding and similar implementation projects finish better, cheaper and sooner.

Better, cheaper, sooner…compared to what? Project managers know there is always pressure to deliver their projects quickly, at low cost and high quality. Project sponsors and other stakeholders may want the project to finish better, cheaper and sooner…but compared to what? How does optimizing the work of project delivery affect other work within the organization? Does it improve overall performance, or does it just shift issues from one department to another?

Here’s the story of one project manager who was willing to step beyond her role to move the focus of “better, cheaper, sooner” from just her project to the whole chain of work her firm delivered to its customer. Using a proven management method, she not only helped her colleagues start down a path of continuous improvement, she also showed her own potential for a larger role in the firm.

Pushing trouble down the line
Pam is an experienced and respected project manager who leads projects to implement the enterprise software application her company sells. To begin each project, she builds a charter and scope using information gathered by a presales analyst who worked with the client during the sales process. Often, in her initial meetings with the client, Pam discovers there are gaps between what the client thinks they bought and what wound up in the contract.

While she’s good …

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