Project Management

Sharing Project Management: PMIEF Resources to the Rescue

Valerie Neff Newitt

We get it. And you get it. So why doesn’t everyone else?

As a project manager, you know there’s a right way to do things. You know that the project journey, from initiating to closing, is as enjoyable as the project deliverable itself. Whether it’s your daughter’s school science project or your neighbors’ community yard sale, you know it will all come together more smoothly with thorough planning and project management know-how.

But sometimes, you’re surrounded by people who just don’t get it. How do you break through a wall of disinterest and inspire friends and family to give project management a try? PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) resources can help you do exactly that. Our easy-to-understand resources target a variety of potential users, share the spirit of accomplishment found in project management and explain how to reap its benefits. Even better, these resources are just a mouse click away.

1. When your child approaches you about Career Day and it’s tomorrow…

…use our resource to explain that project management can be an express ride to success.

Careers in Project Management

When youths prepare to make decisions about their education and vocation, they can benefit by exploring a variety of project management career paths bound for personal satisfaction, job growth and financial …

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