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PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter

Makarand is a member of the PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter.

Vigyan Ashram is a centre of the Indian Institute of Education (IIE) Pune located in the village of Pabal, approximately 70 kms from Pune. A scientist turned educationalist, the late Dr. S.S.Kalbag started Vigyan Ashram in 1983 to find solutions to problems in education. The idea for establishing the centre is that whatever is done at Ashram can be replicated in any part of the country. Vigyan means “science’ and ashram symbolizes “simple living and high thinking,” an organization where all are equal. It’s a modern version of the old Gurukul system.

The PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter, under the direction of Makarand Hardas, VP Academic and social outreach, is engaged in providing support to various academic organizations in the region. As part of this engagement, the chapter organized a full-day training event for students of Vigyan Ashram in early September.

The program was attended by 36 students and two teachers. It was split into five sessions that were conducted by PMI volunteers. The first session was conducted by Makarand Hardas, and its purpose was to set the context and introduce project management. In this two-hour session, Makarand explained projects ranging from defense to agriculture, which the students were able to connect with very well. He conducted a game where students were split into groups and then asked to make as many …

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