Project Management

Project Management in Emergency and Humanitarian Aid: Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) USA

Michelle Armstrong

The PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) enables nonprofit organizations to build their capacity by helping their professionals acquire and apply project management knowledge to mitigate challenges in their everyday work. The foundation recognizes the value of project management as a business solution, so it supports nonprofit professionals’ project management training to ensure they become more efficient and more effective in their delivery of services. This strategy allows PMIEF to touch people’s lives worldwide by making a difference in the organizations on which they rely.

Spurred by a commitment to identify key functions and capabilities that are critical to nonprofits’ success—yet frequently problematic in their formulation, execution and sustainability—we launched this portfolio of grants in 2015. We aimed to build and to exchange knowledge with high-quality organizations as they strove to transform into what PMIEF terms PM Capable Nonprofits and NGOs. Our goal was to deepen our understanding of the nonprofit sector and to begin to ideate how, in correspondence with our philanthropic mission, we could most pragmatically support it by leveraging project management for social good.

We invited a select cadre of nonprofit organizations to apply for grant funding to receive project management training—as well as to thoughtfully apply …

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