Project Management

PMO Longevity: Implementation Phase Inputs and PMO Operations Management Integration

Taiwo Abraham

The PMIEF James R. Snyder International Student Paper of the Year Award recognizes excellence in student development of original concepts in project management. Papers are selected based upon the research and creative effort that are best directed toward advancing the concepts, tools and techniques of managing project-oriented tasks.

The 2018 winner for the EMEA Region is Taiwo Abraham. His paper, supervised by Professor Joo Jung of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, focused on helping organizations understand the various PMO implementation decisions that may have a significant influence on the longevity of their PMOs. He identified how increasingly organizations across the globe now require some form of project management capabilities to thrive in whatever business they do.

However, despite the existing knowledge that the longevity of PMOs generally improves the project management capability of their host organization, there is enough evidence that PMOs rarely last beyond two to four years post-implementation. Hence the question, if it's so good, why so short-lived?

In fact, through this study, Abraham found that PMI's PMO of the Year awardees over the years are great examples of how the longevity of a PMO may be translating into improved PM capabilities in organizations. This research opened up a new line of conversation among both practitioners and…

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