Project Management

Using a Decision Matrix for Group Problem Solving

Charles Borrelli is an IT Project Management Consultant in New Jersey.

Project teams are often faced with the need to quickly make decisions and are often called upon to defend and explain their decision-making process. A simple weighted matrix of choices can be a team-building activity and provide traceability for critical business decisions.

The Challenge
There is a new form used by nearly all employees; due to an emergency (the old platform crashed and cannot be restored), a new platform for this process must be created. This is not just a simple PDF user form; there is some complex processing done by the system. However implemented, users will access the system from a link on the company’s internal website (the portal).

The business analysts did an initial review with the end users that process the information and there are no immediate improvements needed (other than the change of platform).

The choices are as follows:

  • Document management: Add to the company’s document management system.
  • Add to portal: The company utilizes a very popular and easy-to-use content management system; there were many free plugins available.
  • Integrated standalone: The backend of the form will be integrated with the main system, but the front end will be independent and will not require users to access the main system (thus minimal training is needed).
  • Integrated into the main system: There is a system of record that about 75% of …

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