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Culture Club: Succeeding in a Diverse Workplace Q&A

Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

The webinar Culture Club: Succeeding in a Diverse Workplace was such a hit, the discussion continued afterward! Here, Emily covers some additional questions and answers that came out of her presentation.

1. There is a difference between cultures in the United States as well. Do you agree?
Yes, I would agree that there can be cultural differences within the same country. Especially when the country is as large as the United States!

2. Do you think religion also plays an important role in defining cultures?
I think that it can play a role, but there may also be other factors such as the role of the state in daily life and the accepted social norms in a country. These may be impacted by religion, and also by a country’s history.

3. Do you mean that people from India are more insecure than the world average?
No, people from India are no more insecure than other cultures in the world, but they may require more observance/checks as part of their social norms and what is considered acceptable or normal behavior.

4. I agree with your observations on India/South Asia. I have also experienced a reluctance to report or admit a mistake. Have you noticed this as well?
Yes, I have noticed this. You can adjust this behavior by creating and encouraging a culture where mistakes are “encouraged” and not used for punishments.

5. The Indian working culture was …

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