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Applying PMBOK® Guide Principles to Your Job Search

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Chizzy is a Senior IT Project Manager in Houston.

As project managers, we all expect that our projects will end successfully and we will move on to the next one…right? But what if your project ends suddenly—project funding dries up, business priorities change or you are made redundant? How do you go about searching for your next project?

Treat your job search like a project! (Keep in mind that this is pro-bono work…) Let’s take a look at the job search process through the lens of some PMI Process Groups and Knowledge Areas as presented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Integration Management
There are a few practical steps in this area:

  • Accept the loss of the old role. Document why you need the new job and start identifying those who will be impacted by your new job (initiating).
  • Bear in mind that you lost a job, not your sense of worth.
  • Come up with a plan of action for your job search (planning) and document it (this way, you stay accountable to yourself).
  • Deliver on your plan (executing)
  • Enforce the plan (through monitoring and controlling)
  • Finally, when you do get the job (congratulations!), document your lessons learned and close out the “job search” project (close) whilst you get ready for your next project.

Scope Management
The scope of this project is simple: Find (good) employment. Do some soul searching to …

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