Project Management

8 Common Project Manager Mistakes

Mudassir is a consultant and trainer in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

No one can be a master of all; it’s too difficult a task. But you can definitely be a Jack-or-Jill-of-all-trades. As project managers, we wear multiple hats—from being facilitators and problem-solvers to translating corporate needs into actionable plans for teams and supporting assets.

This exposes our weaknesses on multiple fronts. I strongly believe that when it comes to project management in this advancing digital era, it’s equally important to identify your weakness—and work on them—as it is to know your strengths. Let’s look at some common weaknesses in many project managers…

1. Infrequent communication with team members: No one negates the significance of consistent communication. Nonetheless, project managers often forget to meet with the team and provide updates to key stakeholders once the project is underway. Formulating the groundwork for everyday meetings—including who will join them to keep things on track—is essential. Project managers need to focus on having the appropriate number of people involved—and communicate with them to get regular updates and resolve any complications.

2. Neglecting quality: Oftentimes, project managers focus so much on delivering the project on time and within budget that it becomes easy to overlook quality. They might emphasize the deliverables needed to fulfill …

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